Great Selfie Stick Tip for Videos. How to Properly Form Them. How to Properly Maximize Them.

Selfie Stick Tip for VideosA Selfie Stick Tip for Videos

Hey folks may I proudly present this magic once which I will use for filmmaking purposes right now.

Selfie stick tip for videos for Sightseeing

Hi guys welcome back to a new tutorial today I’m going to show you how to do great travel videos or sightseeing videos with a selfie stick. And it’s not only the selfie stick it’s a special edition from student and mobile video from Berlin.

Apps gear and gadgets for smartphone filmmaking proudly presents seven selfie stick acts for your travel videos.

Tip No 1.

My first selfie stick tip for videos is to shoot while driving.  Something, a train a car whatever. Of course, you should never be the driver. Remember to breathe. It’s great for getting stable video with less vibration.

Tip No 2.

Second you can film yourself from a comfortable distance while you talk. Remember to use a mic. Whenever you do statements like I do right now I use this some roadie smart left because you have quite far away from the inbuilt microphone of the iPhone, and therefore you get better sound if you have it right next to you, right close to your mouth.

Tip No 3.

Third sounds sticky but stick it into something like this hatch for example and then you get really unusual shots of this German Bundestag building for example.

Tip No 4.

Fourth advice, move it up like a camera crane. Crane shots are expensive but here you have a nice low budget version

Tip No 5.

Tip number five. Build a tripod with your back. just put the stick on it and the phone and do maybe something like a time-lapse video which is most impressive when you have a stable shot tip.

Tip No 6.

Number six let the camera follow you. It looks amazing when you walk through a town or a significant location and all the objects around you are moving and you are moving forward so you get great shots of the city you’re exploring. Then to get really steady pro videos footage, brace the end of the selfie stick by pressing into your chest or other similar part of the body.

Thanks for attending your selfie stick tip for videos mini session

So that’s it. Thanks for watching this Berlin edition on getting a handy selfie stick tip for videos. And if you want to find out more about mobile moviemaking, then check back regularly.  _nq


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