Learn Just How to Get The Selfie Floating Camera Effect

How to Get The Selfie Floating Camera Effect

Yes, This is How we Get The Selfie Floating Camera Effect

it’s a question I’ve been getting a lot

these days go Joe how did you get so

good with your drone that looks like

it’s attached to your body well it’s not

a drone it’s a 360 camera on an

invisible selfie stick see Wow greetings

and salutations I am Co Joe in 360 and

it is getting to be fall in Central

Oregon which means my days of playing

disc golf are getting smaller and

smaller so I got to get out here enjoy

it while I can

but cross-country skiing season is on

the way I’m very happy about that

but let’s talk again about the invisible

selfie stick my boy Jason asked me this

question not his real photo he said dude

you’ve gotten to be so good with your

drone it looks like it’s attached to

your body but again it’s not a drone

it’s an invisible selfie stick so let me

grab my discs and let’s break down the

physics here we are


okay let’s break

down exactly first where the 360 camera

is you’ve got two fisheye lenses one on

both sides of the camera now you think

they’d only need to shoot 180 degrees on

both sides but what they do is shoot

about 200 degrees on both sides so you

have a little bit of slop so that when

you take it either through the camera

what they call stitching or when you

stitch it in your post-production you

can take that extra slop and make the

invisible selfie stick invisible take a

look at what I did earlier I put it on a

mount where I could flip the cam up and

then back into place it appears and

reappears just like magic

so because it’s getting 360 degrees

worth of data that’s why you can see

things like tiny planet videos and all

that because you’ve got all the 360 data

shot into one camera so that’s how you

end up getting the invisible selfie

stick along with one little pointer

before he go out and buy yourself a

stick just get one that’s designed for

360 because

you have to have a thin enough mount at

the top that it doesn’t show up as an

artifact in your video so don’t just get

any selfie stick get one that is

designed for a 360 camera


now there are a lot of selfie sticks out

there that are made for 360 and most of

them are pretty good check out some of

the ones that might have like a

counterweight on them in case you want

to put it on a tripod so it doesn’t blow

over and scratch your lens like what

happened to me but for the most part

again focus on the fact that you need an

invisible selfie stick that is made for

a 360 camera money they’ll be sure and

stay tuned I’ve had many people say wow

it’s amazing how you use that selfie

stick and you almost can’t even tell

it’s there so yes I do have some

techniques on how to use the invisible

selfie stick so it almost doesn’t even

look like it’s there so be sure and

subscribe to this channel and we’ll get

more information about how to be as rad

as I am or as big of a dork


now obviously the name of my show is the

360 community so please leave your

comments and recommendations in the

comment section below and also please

try to spread the love there are a lot

of people out there trying to get into

360s so share this video with your

friends about the fact that this is

actually an invisible selfie stick let’s

get more people into our community I’m

Scott Irwin 360 it’s time to dance out

of here invisible selfie stick style




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