Super Selfie Stand. New. True Wireless. Remember?


Wireless Selfie Stand. Never Again Lose That Vital Set Shot

You blew that once-in-a-lifetime group photo.
For how many years are you going to HATE YOURSELF



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You’ll Wonder How You Managed Without It !!!


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New True Wireless Selfie Stand. Never Again Miss That Vital Set Shot!
Now, Turn your Phone into a Photo Studio

Super Selfie Stand. This is an Incredible GangBuster!!

Super Selfie Stand.


  • The precious event lasts but a second, then it’s lost forever!! But not any more
  • The famous selfie stick grew a bunch of legs and allows you to set it upright, standing all by itself.
  • Just set it upright, on solid level ground, indoors, or outside on a mild day
  • As far away as a full 10 metres or more. Get in a whole football team, or college varsity
  • Fire off as many shots as you want, no limits
  • Use the near-invisible trigger hidden in your hand. No-one knows you’re in the shot and taking the shot
  • Photograph a full bridal party, a family reunion, a graduation, company event, travel group, orchestra
  • Shots sharp as a tack, because they’ll not be shaken by your finger snaps
  • Maximize the amazing quality of today’s miracle digital phone cameras
  • Take potentially award-winning candids galore, animals, games, kids, races
  • Hey, holding your finger down on the trigger will even shoot videos – Amaze Balls!!!!


  • Availability: Not Sold in Department Stores
  • Shipping: Low Shipping applies – direct to your door. Forget the car or Uber rates
  • Compatible with all modern smartphones in range 3.5” ~ 6 ” e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.
  • Equipped with a built-in tripod and a new 10m/30’ range, switchable, Bluetooth (v3.0) remote control camera trigger / shutter release.
  • 3- way 360° Clamp rotations allows your capturing photos from many angles, horizontally or vertically
  • Your phone camera self-timer can still be used together with the low energy, cordless remote, and shutter control trigger. For groups, after you activate the camera, you still have 10 seconds to organize your crazy bunch.
  • Even when collapsed, still access the instant-connect, hand-held Bluetooth remote shutter release
  • another photographer off-camera can also trigger the cordless remote shutter control
  • Compact, foldable and clever. Easy to carry, even on the go. A treasure on holidays
  • Anti-slip mini silicone pads on the phone holder’s clamp guarantees firm but gentle hold.
  • Seven-stage height extension to 90cm, the perfect height for full-length portraiture
  • For head and shoulders portraiture, collapse unit to a selfie stick and hand hold
  • Trigger phone camera with the remote at any time. Brilliant!
  • Take candid photos, without others knowing. Sneaky!!
  • Rotate your phone camera in nearly any direction. So; Up a tree; to copy documents
  • Bluetooth (V4.0) cordless, remote shutter compatible, for a WIDE variety of smartphones, Apple (IOS5.0 above), Samsung, Sony (Android3.0 above system), Huawei and other phones
  • Effective remote distance: 10m/30’ (Covers 6+ friendly standing adults) (9+, if 3 crouch in front ;-))
  • Widely Compatible Phone Holder. (Use a rubber band to hold in a vertical Position)

Super Selfie Stand – WHY A 5 IN 1?

  • 1. It’s a Hand-Held “Short Throw” (collapsed) Selfie Stick
  • 2. It’s a Hand-Held “Long Throw” (extended) Selfie Stick
  • 3. It’s a Hand Held Steady-Cam Monopod (With or without Tripod legs)
  • 4. It’s a Tripod Photo Stand, Stand-Alone Waist Height
  • 5. It’s a Shorty Table Top Tripod (for restaurants, weddings, romantic bars, bedside tables 😉 etc)



  • a. Material: plastic space stainless steel/aluminum alloy, easy-glide pole extensions
  • b. Portability: lightweight, portable, easy store corrosion resistant
  • c. Only use, in tripod mode, on level and firm ground
  • d. Not compatible with smaller smartphones of width less than than 2.2″


Super Selfie Stand, WHAT YOU GET

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • 1# x Selfie Stick Tripod
  • 1# x Bluetooth Switchable Cordless Remote Phone Camera Shutter
  • To reduce Costs, Retail Packaging Not Supplied
  • Product packed carefully in bubble wrapping
  • Whilst close, display hardware differences etc, may cause images to not “perfectly” reflect colors of item

Get Yourself a Free Helper

The selfie stick has been one of the truly inspired inventions of the last 5 years. For now, you can take a shot of yourself, together with a group of friends, like you have a close assistant to help.

Long Live the Smart Stick!!!

Now imagine if that selfie stick grew a bunch of legs and allowed you to set it upright, standing all by itself. As far away as a full 10-12 meters or more. And you could fire off as many shots as you want, from a near-invisible trigger hidden in your hand.

Just Iike a Pro Photographer, Really

So now you could photograph a full bridal party, a family reunion, a graduation, company event, travel group. What magic that would be. Who needs to hire a professional photographer, anyway 😉 ????

Sharper Shots, Actually

Your photos would all be sharp as a tack, because they’ll not be shaken by your “violent shutter poking” 😉 Then the amazing quality of today’s digital phone cameras are near-equal to yesterday’s cameras, costing some thousands $$, and weighing a ton.

Be the Invisible Man (or Girl)

Now, Take photos with no-one seeing. Become the unseen fly on the wall. (So Cool) You could even take stunning, natural piccies of your kids playing in the park, which you could submit for a photo award. They could be THAT good! All with this miracle 5-In-1 “Robo-Stick”


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Super Selfie Stand


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