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April at the Antique Alley

- 1 -

A Xara Smith Mystery

This is the 4th book in the Xara Smith Mystery Genre. All Xara wants is a few days R & R, and that is why she and partner Jill are cruising around in a large rented truck doing some interesting shopping for antiques.

April at the Antique Alley

- 2 -

Owner Murdered

The holidays come to a quick end when the owner of the antique store is found dead, murdered. Xara helps the police solve the mystery of the murder, and saves Jill from the killer, with a little trick she learnt, using her car keys.

April at the Antique Alley

- 3 -

Xara's Girl-Friend

The novel even sports a thrilling chase scene, and in this episode we first meet Xara’s new girl-friend, explore their relationship together,  and then secretly spend a little time spying on them, in Xara’s new hot tub.

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