Free Just Pay Shipping. How to Make a Mistake You’ll Pay For

Free Just Pay Shipping. Now if you are like me, which you aren’t, so I’ll rephrase that, if you are like me; one of the owners of a Instagram or Facebook account, of which there are one or two billion, you will probably have seen an advert like this:

Watch  Free Just Pay Shipping”.

Only  a Lunatic Would Buy A Free Just Pay shipping item

And if you are a sensible person like me, well, you will probably realize that that is a massive scam, and no one in their right mind would fall for it, or buy it,

So the logical thing to do is to just go; “No it’s a scam”, but what I did is; I went and bought one.

Actually Thanos the Bear Paid for it

Now I have thought this through, ever so slightly, obviously I don’t want all these scammers selling these fake watches to know all of my personal details.

So I used Thanos the bear as an example, and what I’ve done is I set up a Thanos the bear Instagram account, thrown in a few pictures, to make it look more believable to the scammers, which probably won’t be checking if I were legit person.

That was just a waste of time. But I made a Thanos the bear PayPal set up a Thanos the bear email, so all of this is not through me.

Also I’ll just point out that I did not name Thano. So please don’t type that I’m a cringy meme Lord thanks.

How Free Just Pay Shipping Watches are Like Free Lunches

Anyway, so I went on the “watches free just pay shipping” website which looked extremely legitimate, found one that I liked the look of and checked out, and it was indeed a free watch although I had to pay for shipping that was higher, much higher than expected to pay.

But it’s that’s how they get you. In higher shipping fees. The watch arrived today in a very inconspicuous looking parcel.

There is a customs declaration on the front which has been taped over, by another customs declaration a little bit more.

All a little bit questionable, but you know that, and it says it’s come from the Solomon Islands. Seems completely legit me.

Is it The One I Paid For and Will It Work?

My main question is, is it at all like the one that was in the picture, or have they just shown some random watch; and also, will it work.

Let’s find out.  So you got some… it’s not quite bubble wrap, but it’s kind of sticky bubble wrapping stuff, here is the free watch.

Now if we go back to the watch that I selected in when I was checking it out, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it.

It says Geneva on it. We’ve got twelve nine three and six, you also got the 24 hours on it for the other 12 hours of the day.

400sq Watch Just Pay Shipping.

Free Just Pay Shipping. Who Said “You get what You Pay For?”

It is ticking. It is the complete wrong time. This dial on the side doesn’t actually doesn’t do anything.

The watch strap is sort of the really, really cheap leather. The case itself it’s just plastic.

It does have stainless steel back on it, which is worth more than free. So I’ll give it that.

Just take off my current watch. The watch in the picture of the advert did look slightly more “luxury” than the one that I’ve actually been sent.

But what was I expecting? So there you go.

There’s the watch. Considering it was free, I’ve seen worse watches, but you’re not gonna be getting any people going; “Whoa, cool watch…where’d you get that from?”

And you say, well, you see it was free. I just got it in an Instagram sale

Okay oh there you go, I’ve worked out how to change it, set it to the right time.

That’s now set to the correct time, 4:25 , and it’s ticking.

One thing I will say with the ticking is that; it is very loud.

So yeah, you probably couldn’t sleep with this watch on because it is…it ain’t quiet, but there is a mechanism in there, and it does actually work.

Which you know I was I was dubious about whether or not it will actually work.  But it’s quite, yes, quite the purchase.

I think it’s well worth it. I wonder how long the battery lasts. Probably maybe a week.

Well it wasn’t what I ordered, and it probably was a terrible waste of money, but I did it, so that you don’t have to.

Free Just Pay Shipping. If You see this Walking Down the Street, Just Walk On By

So next time you see one of these adverts, it’s a scam just ignore it.

Hopefully I’ve done humanity a greater service by buying this watch for shipping only.

Alright, so there you go. Hopefully you enjoyed my Pay..n.

There are certainly products that you think could well be a scam. Let me know If  you get any tailored ads for these. Because, I might buy it and see if it is worth your money, or lack of. If it happens to be free “FREE” yes. _nq

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