Are all products sold, new?

Absolutely. New but to save your costs, not in original packaging. In the future, I may sell refurbished items, which allows me to offer you even greater price reductions.

Can I get an email to notify me of new deals available?

Absolutely, all you need do is to subscribe as a member and you will be so duly notified.

How can I view my order history online?

Yes. Log into your account.  Here you can find all your account info, including your ordering history.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do.

How can I track my order?

As soon as it ships, you receive an email notifying you of your order tracking number. Or simply log into your account.

How can I contact

  • I accept voice phone calls 8.30AM to 6.00PM, during Eastern Standard time, Australia.
  • You can connect to me, either voice, message or video, on WhatsApp, during these times also.
  • I can usually accept Live Chat on the above times, as well
  • Or simply Email me at and I will return to you, ASAP.

How do I create my account?

It’s on the “My Account” pull down menu. Just follow the instruction prompts to create your account.

How soon will my order ship?

Most orders ship within 5 business days (give or take). You can check the progress of your order, when logging into your personal account

What should I do if I forgot my user name and/or password?

Click “my account” located on the top left section of home page.  Then simply follow the prompts to help recover your password or username .

Is there a maximum order amount?

There is. Usually, 10 items per cart, is the maximum allowed. Apologies for not being more definite. But each deal is different. Sometimes,  in a drop down menu on checkout section, maximum orders allowed are indicated.

What if I miss a deal?

It’s a bit like running for the train. If you missed it, you missed it, and you’ll need to wait for the next one. Deals are available for a limited time only, and once expired, ares not available, until reincarnation time 😉

What is’s return policy?

Follow this link for details. I accept returns within 7 days receipt of purchase. For a defective item,  you need notify me within 5 days of receipt of the item.  Please forward me the name of the product, your order number, and the date of purchase. Include also, your issue with the item. If out of stock we will, of course, issue you a refund.

What payment options do you accept?

I will  add more payment methods very shortly, but presently I can accept EFT, Visa, Amex, Master Card & PayPal

My card was “Declined” when placing the order? What should I do?

Sadly, I am not able to resolve banking credit card issues. I am not a bank yet. Maybe one day, when I become Jeff Bezos 😉

Something else?

To provide the best shopping experience possible,  I offer you top-class customer support.  Feel perfectly free to contact me on any of the contact points indicated so far. Or simply leave me with your feedback in the comments section below, so that I can improve services accordingly.