Cat Grooming Glove – How Good Is it Really? Is it Just A Gimmick? Is it Real?

This Cat Grooming Glove is what we’re going to be talking about Today. My cat Robby’s here’s and says hi. And today let’s start reviewing this Grooming glove now.

Does Your Puss really like the Cat Grooming Glove? It’s worthless unless it lets you brush it.

I’ve seen so many ads for this on Instagram or YouTube. Basically it’s a grooming glove that’s made of  rubber. And then you just rub your pet. And then whole clumps of matted hair just comes off. So its Kind of really cool. Now we currently use the Furminator. So got it out because he sheds a lot, even though he’s a short-haired cat, he actually has a lot of fur.

Now to the Glove itself

So the glove is rubbery. And so there’s a Velcro thing for your wrist. Robby can I pet you? He really adores it.  Look at that darling face.

Wow that is actually quite a bit of hair. Nearly as much as what they show you in the commercials. He seems to really relish it. superior to the furminator. Usually when I start grooming him at the tail.  Well, he has a lot of fur loss on the tail.

Wow this grooming glove is pretty cool and he seems to like it. But it’s not collecting all the fur. First loose fur everywhere on him. It pushes it out. And wow that is a lot of hair.

Pet Grooming Glove. Lovely

Generously Oversized

Let’s do a couple more swipes.  Okay the cat glove is really big for my hand and so it’s kind of coming off. And I have not a lot of control over the fingertips. you might how it bends. You could try to pad the fingertips with sponge. That should help matters lot.

Let’s try taking it all off now. So I groomed Robbie, so let’s see how to take this hair off. So in the commercial basically they just lift it up and it comes off. It kinda does. But I don’t think there’s enough fur blanket. It breaks and then they’re still some extra hair hanging.

Maybe it’s just not enough hair,  but I could show you here a lot of fur. Let’s try again and we’ll spend more time.  OK not much hair to groom. He doesn’t generally shed that much.

Pet Grooming Glove for Your Star Pet

So Give this  a try

If you have a very hairy cat or furry cat, that sheds a a lot, I think It would be better.  But for a cat that sheds normally, I don’t think it’d be as helpful. cuz Spencer’s cold. He’s a domesticated Shorthair. It’s not a thick body it’s really thick he has a thinner undercoat so if he does get bathed we have to blowdry him because he won’t automatically dry in the air.

So I think this Cat Grooming glove is more comfortable for the male cats. This is nice soft rubber,  a silicone rubber. It’s a little comb, whereas the furminator, this is what we normally use to groom the boys, It’s stainless steel with little teeth and it works OK I think.

But the boys don’t seem to like it, because it I think it’s rough. So this  is so so cool. So now trying to strip it off like a sheet. Oh my god it’s nothing short of  a full blanket. OMG it works like a magic spell. It’s a whole sheet of fur.

Easy on the purse

So I thought this glove on Amazon. And this cat grooming glove, it’s not like the brand name one because this is cheaper. This was less than ten dollars whereas the brand name one I think, was over twenty bucks.

I think the works the same. It does us what the brand-name advertises it. You know this is rubbery thing, you pat your pet, and you can just peel it off, which is pretty clean.  Of course you see, there’s a little bit of hair all around the edge of the glove, but you can just take a lint roller and quickly clean it. nq100

This cat grooming mitt not for Small Hands

The only downside is that if your hands are smaller like mine the glove kind of drifts around. And so that it makes a little annoying. It does have these awkward Velcro things, to tighten it around your wrist. But still your fingers, my fingers, don’t reach towards the tip. It cuts off right here, and then you do get fur right at Velcro part too. But again you can take a lint roller and clean it.

So I think compared to the Furminator, this Cat Grooming glove works much faster and gentler. And I think it gets much deeper into the coat compared to the other accessory.  But I think this is a little less comforting or  comfortable so that’s the thing. The Furminator it kind of spreads the fur everywhere. So the back of his tail. And it doesn’t really pick up, because once it’s full, it doesn’t really pick it up anymore.

So I just pushed the fur, but this would you get and a few swipes.  So this  Cat Grooming mitt is good for getting deep down into the coat by being for outright grooming Spence doesn’t really like it because he’s a bit scared by it and he realizes its not fun. But with the cat groom glove he purrs whenever I do it.  He never purrs when I brush him with the Furminator.

Pet Grooming Gloves for Your Star Pet

So this cat grooming glove works

I really like how I can get right under his chin with my pinky or just the tip of the fingers.  And I really like how I can groom his head because with the furminator it’s actually pretty rough I feel. I feel like I’m hitting him almost. But he really likes this glove. Look at that face of content everywhere.

I hope this review was helpful.  Honestly I didn’t think the glove would work because I thought it was kind of gimmicky. But it really does work.  And the fur if you have enough fur, you can just peel it off as a sheet.

Was this review of the cat grooming glove of help to you?

So hope you found these Cat Grooming tips useful, and please don’t forget to share it with other cat lovers who might find this useful.  So the one thing I just realized is that this is only for right-handed people.  But I know there is a left handed side glove available. If you had both a left and right-handed glove, you could probably groom a big animal like an alpaca, with both hands, really fast and well.

So it’s a simple, but really good idea for whatever your pet is, this pet grooming glove. It’s appealing, looks strong and well made, and I’m sure pretty soon, whenever your fur baby sees you putting this glove on, they’ll get really really excited, like being taken for a walk, given a snack or something.

Bottom Line is…

So this cat grooming glove is really quite cheap, very handy (no pun intended) effective and convenient, and keeps your bed and couch fur minimized. Should you buy this, I don’t think you’ll be sorry in the least._np

Cat Grooming Glove detail

Cat Grooming Glove

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