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Web Designer’s Block. What IS The Best Blocking Medicine?

<h2>The Last Word in Cures for Web Designer’s Block</h2>

We’ve all heard of writers block haven’t we? Well web designers get it too. It’s called Web Designer’s block (duh)

For many web designers, the term ‘web designers’ block’ is a familiar merciless demon that stalks them while they sit poker-faced at their computers or stare blankly at their desk-pads. They crave inspiration for their next web designers masterpiece.

And whether you are a master web designer or a newbie web designer, ‘web designers’ block’ will no doubt become familiar to you as you trek though the creative process.

So can it be cured? We say YES, web designer’s block CAN be cured. How?

Well we’ve found the best medicine for curing web designer’s block is LAUGHTER.

Yes, laughter could put doctors out of work. It’s a month’s therapy in every guffaw. So try wrapping your laughing gear around these chuckling gems. And get rid of your writer’s block, your web designer’s block and any other block you might be schlepping around.

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For web designer’s block – laughter is the best medicine

Why was Mr Mushroom always invited to parties?

‘Cause he’s a fun-guy

What's ET short for??

‘Cause he only has little legs

How many seconds in a year?


2nd of January; 2nd of February; 2nd of March; . . .

What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

Anyone can roast beef . . .

How does the sea communicate with a life-raft?

It waves . .

What denomination is a nun that sleepwalks??

A roamin’ Catholic

What would you call a man with a pole through his leg joint?


How many apples grow on a typical apple tree?

All of them

How did the beaver get online?

He just logged on

Where do sheep get shorn?

At the baa baa shop

What's brown and sticky?

A stick!

What do call mosquitoes with no eyes?


What word can you add letters to and make it shorter?


What can you use to divide milk?

A cow-culator

What do you call those with an anxiety of Christmas?


How do the insane find their way through a forest?

They take the psycho-path

What's got two good eyes but can't see?

A pair of needles!

What's got dozens of strong teeth but can't bite?

A comb

Which animals are always soaking wet?


What's the furriest part of a Persian cat?

The outside!

What do call a fly with no wings?

A walk!

What does the beggar have plenty of and the billionaire is in need of?


Vampirella married the Abominable Snowman. What did they name their child?


What's found at the very center of Nirvana?

The letter V

How many months of the year have 28 days?

All of them

What was the name of the US president in 1989?

Barack Obama

Got any more remedies you'd like to share - for the GOOD of all?

Cough ’em up here, in the comments section. (PG only pls)

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