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Your Web Design Webmaster is a Loser. Wanna Know Why?

Many web site design fails, and many a webmaster doesn’t know where his clients netsite is. Bring up website design with small business folks. It wouldn’t take long to discover someone who’s been burned by a site webmaster. Maybe they’ve even come to the assumption that an internet site isn’t worth the expense.

Why Your Webmaster is Under-performing Your Website Design.

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Some internet design truly stinks

Let’s look into how and why that happens, then outline 7 powerhouse success principles that will help, when you need online design facilities or a webmaster. Since so many site page designers and webmasters muck it up, the online design principles that really work may surprise you.

  1. A HOT Looking Design Doesn’t Mean My website is!

The process of producing a website is not only making it look proficient. In fact, that could very well be one lesser important aspect of network site design.

Trust us when we tell you, that many an ugly website is making lots of money. There are amazing looking online internet sites that make no money. No, we’re not saying the expertise behind your homepage site is unimportant. We’re saying it’s not enough.

There exists a serious flaw in the net design industry, and small business proprietors are especially prone to fall prey to it. The problem is this: Very little business planning is considered within home-page site design. Too many on-line site designers remain more concerned with “sales” of web design than strategically building an EFFECTIVE net-site.

This lack stems from the fact that few network-based webmasters are marketing savvy. Small business managers don’t have big advertising budgets, so they’re easily attracted to low rates of second rate pro site designers. Good marketing necessitates setting priorities and effectively utilizing your resources to accomplish goals.

  1. A Pro Webmaster:Viva La Difference!

One element we find seriously missing in web design amounts to the very thing that is fundamentally important. That element is your uniqueness. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is one of the rudimentary tenets of marketing. You must must must must be able to answer questions like:

  • why should I buy from you particularly?
  • what makes you different from others?
  • How do I benefit by going with you?

If you fail in this capacity, your site visitor will not treat you kindly. They will leave and not return. And you’ll never know why they left.

  1. Tune Into Radio WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

Read your hope page site copy to ascertain if it contains another common fault. Does it say, “We do this,” and, “We do that?” Do not “we” on your valued internet visitors!

Your page site copy should “soothe” your visitor personally; address their needs, solve their problem, ease their pain. It must compel them in an individually beneficial way. You need to massage them in exclusively and sell them alone through to your solution. From their, and only their perspective.

Take note of how many web sites violate these elementary marketing principles. Then you will begin to see how you now have the opportunity to elevate yourself above your competitors. Think, if the majority of business pages are violating even these most basic doctrines, how much more could you profit from hiring a site-savvy designer who appreciates marketing?

  1. Is SEO Your False Holy Grail?

website is, many web http://webowow.com/There is lots of emphasis ascribed to search engine optimization (SEO) And well there should be. It is very important if you are desirous of having your web site found by seekers of search engines. Indeed, search engines account for 70% to 85% of all visitors. However, if you have a net-based site that’s not generating sales with the visitors you are getting, SEO is the wrong priority. You’re looking for love in all the wrong places, girlfriend

  1. Web Site is Not Being Read . . . Or Is It?

Shock. Horror. People actually read web sites! Yes, they do have a very short attention span. More on that later, but they do read them. There have been numerous studies on people using web pages. Yet, even though much attention is given to graphics, studies show that web page users do in fact read the text even before they recognize the graphics. Well over 75% of the time actually.

Does this mean that graphics are unimportant? Absolutely not! Visual elements are vitally advantageous value to internet web sites. But when you consider that people use the Internet for information gathering, it does makes sense they will read your web site’s content. Presenting the right information means the difference between captivating a customer, or surrendering him to your competition. (You  B-A-D  boy)

  1. The Rule of the Goldfish

Now to the short attention span issue – often called the 3 second rule. According to web studies, if you cannot capture your visitor’s attention in approximately 3 seconds, they rocket off your site. Fact is, so many web sites are such horrible time wasters, that our patience has been worn down.

The answer is a fast loading page that quickly alerts them that you are there to relieve their pain. If you grab their attention and they can “skim” this in a few seconds, you have successfully funnelled them in so they will hang with you a while.

  1. 007 – Your License to Sell

Statistically, it takes some 7 visits before you clinch a sale. If your web site is “misaligned”, you’ll have dismal results, because you’ll never get them to come back the 7 times. That’s why so many webmasters are dissatisfied with their success.

Marketing shrewd web webmasters have to ask more to give you better value. It takes extended time and effort, and skill to plan and create a practical, workable, functioning web site design. But many web designers provide what seems to be a bargain, only to prove otherwise subsequently.

  1. Are You a Bargain Bogan?

The good news is most of your competition will go for the bargain.  They are doomed to suffer the same fate as everyone else who doesn’t realize the worth of an operative website design. Few of them will agree to invest the resources required for success. But if you do, you can win.

This doesn’t mean you need the monster budget of major corporations, or that it must be expensive. But it means you need to be eager to outdo average. The rewards are amplified when you reach beyond the norm.

Critically evaluate this website to note how Web-O-Wow has incorporated most of these principles mentioned. Web-O-Wow webmasters seek to help business vendors and other organizations, market themselves effectively to success. It provides carefully planned web design, graphic design, branding, and other marketing services aimed at achieving this objective.

Ask us about other ways we help you target and achieve your marketing plans. Go ahead complete our enquiry form  Or maybe give us a tingle on 613 8510 1817 OR 0450 216 909  As thinking webmasters we guarantee you and your site design a profitable ride.


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