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". . has Beverley overtime on the 'eau de cologne'" dr

". . . delivered our new " baby " in short shrift"

We opted for their unique Concierge Service, and Webowow worked unsupervised. All but forgot about them we did.

But they delivered our new " baby " in short shrift, fine-tuned a glitch or two, and our beautiful newborn has Beverley overtime on the 'eau de cologne'.

Jolly good show, WebOWow crew.

Dr Russel Grantham, MD
- Med GP, Grantham Medical Rooms

". . billed as quoted, to the cent. It was like summer rain."

". . checked nearly all Australia for the lowest fees. WebOWow had them."

  • mid-June, we gave Moritz a tough within-the-hour job to do on our office's website. It took them more than an hour longer than they quoted for. Still they didn't ask for extra and sadly our firm didn't offer.
    Franck Jalbert (Yalber)
    - Opticomp / General Office administrator
  • testimonialMoritz's partner offered me a $85 commission for recommending a customer. I refused as I did it as a friendly favour, but they firmly insisted. They are true gentlemen.
    Fang Hsia
    - Omni Tech Solutions, Public affairs officer
  • testimonialThe only time I had free was on Thursday at 6 AM before an early work start. And believe it or not; they actually placed my webpage order at that time. Nice touch.
    Ryan Yates, PhD
    - Vocational counselor; Family Toy, Community House Frankston
  • testimonialYou didn't have to do that, secure my site from that Russian cyber-terrorist attack. But I really value it cause over the last year we have come to massively rely on business from your site so that if we lost it we would likely close up shop.
  • testimonialThank you Moritz and your smiley Webowow guys. Stylish slogan-logo and my mobi is burning. You really are the world's coolest. Love you like a brother, man.
    Torsten Beckenbauer
    - Envirotecture Design Lecturer, RMIT, Melbourne
  • testimonialAfter years of putting up with the stench of it, Webowow & co updated and took away my nasty old Wix webpage. For what they charged for it in no way was it worth doing myself and now my inbox is buzzing nicely. Thx Moritz & Co.
    Shannon E. Poole (Sho)
    - Head Chef, Noodle Kidoodle
  • testimonialIs there no end to your arrogance? Our previous web designer of 4 years no longer wants to deal with us because his site that cost us thousands has only 8 visitors a day and your new quick & dirty site already has 100 and 3 keywords in Google page 1. If we sound unappreciative it's that he threatened us.
  • testimonial Your free video course rocks, man
    Patrick (Pat-Pat)
    - Osteopathic specialist
  • testimonialI was so sick of it. With previous web designers, what they quoted and what I paid was suburbs apart, but Morry's gang billed as they quoted, to the cent. It was like summer rain.
  • testimonialDo you know we checked nearly all Australia for the lowest fees. Webowow had them. Just like they said.
    Cameron Bedggood
    - Giant Open Air, Truckie
  • testimonialAs a Joke I asked Webowow if they would do me a $157 business outline website. And the operator said yes cause they had this gap to fill and a day or two later it was done. I nearly fell off my chair
    Elijah Gepp
    - Floor Manager for Sanitary Grocery Stores
  • testimonialSplendid service W, what you did for me with Adwords means I will never have a shortfall of patients ever again. Splendid I say.
    Milla Deeming (nee Minns)
    - Psychiatric aide/Macroserve
  • testimonial This last year, sales flew off the charts. I'm guessing we don't get double our money back, right? (I crack myself up)
    Bec F.
    - Buehler Optic, Optometrist
  • testimonialResearched us to death. Actually knew and cared more about our business, than we do.
    (Chef Borovansky) Ethan B
    - Boss:- Cafe Forum
  • testimonialWe are very angry with you Moritz. After you finished our website you told us that we would need SEO. We checked. It costs thousands and takes months. But our phone started ringing madly nearly straight away. Why would you say such a hurtful thing to us?
    Romano & Rosalind Baxter
    - Masters Melbourne, Framing
  • testimonialMori, my friend just dropping you a line to say thx 4 th website, it's roaring up the charts. Also sorry for not getting back to you with all the info you wanted. Just how did you manage to build the page?
  • testimonialJesus lives in you Webowow. Here at CEH we call you guys 'The Professionals'. You've given us far and away the best house relocation website on the net. Your honesty, after hours service, specialty booking forms, 'slogos', photography, and smart profit making advice, are all acing it.
  • testimonialI don't know if you work for Google or what Moritz, but the spell you cast over my Adwords account gets my body buzzing as this is a game changer for sure. JB.
    J. Barrington B.A.
    - Muirhead's traffic technician

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