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[Tutorial + Review] Redmi AirDots Baby Driver (a.k.a. Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic)

The Redmi Airdots Baby Driver
Taking the Bad Boy
For a Good Test Drive

Redmi Airdots Baby Driver
Pairing and Features

This is the Redmi Airdots a True Wireless earphone.  For those who want, here is a step by step Redmi Airdots Baby Driver User Manual in .Pdf

Inside the box I have this; 4 eartip sizes and also only the charge cable itself alongside with the Airdots itself.

So today I am going to tell you how this thing works in terms of features and sound quality.

How you pair to your phone. Just take an Airdot up, balance them on your finger or whatever.

You can see that the lights are blinking in white. That means it is in pairing mode.

So, what you do is take your earphone, open Bluetooth settings as usual, and pair with the Airdot. Underscore R means the right side is the master side.

The Buttons

So once you pair your Redmi Airdots with your phone, here’s what you can do; Just put them in your ears, and then you can actually press either side button, (of course there’s a button on either side of the Airdots) so you can just press once to play and then to pause your music.

Now it’s really playing my music. And the second feature that you can do with this button, is you can double press and then it brings up Google assistant, or Siri on the iPhone.

In terms of features, the buttons don’t really do much. You cannot long press or do anything else to control music.

You can me play or pause your music by a single short touch.

The Battery Indicators

The battery indicators are very easy to understand. First of all, there is a red or white LED inside each of the Airdots itself.

So, when you put it back in the case, red means is charging. Once it’s charged, it will turn white.

And as for the cradle itself, you can actually see LEDs underneath it when you plug it in.

So, I got a micro USB cable. These things charge true micro USB. Once you plug it in you can see there is light at the front here.

This red LED means that it is charging, but once it’s charged completely it will not have any other light.

More Pairing Options

So, if you want to pair the remaining dots to another device here’s what you can do; You have to take them out of the cradle, long press them, and then you will see red light flashing. That means it’s turned off and, then you have to long press again until it turns on.

Continue holding it and then it will flash. That flash means it’s in pairing mode. You can let go now and pair with a new device.

Factory Resetting

So, if you want to factory reset your Redmi Airdots to make it look brand new or you just want to sell to anyone else in the future, here’s what you can do; Take it off the cradle. Again long press the button until it flashes red to turn off, and now you have to long press for about 15 seconds and it will flash once, and then flash again a second time.

There’s a white LED so you can wait for a while flash once and then second time.

So now its factory reset. Put it back in the cradle for a while.

Take it back out because of syncing process by the way and now you can pair with your other device.

Cruising the Sound Quality

So in terms of sound quality the Redmi Airdots is not entirely flat. It’s quite “bassy” actually.

The trebles are surprisingly good. But the bass is surprisingly heavy as well.

And for the price you pay, it’s actually pretty good. And it also supports Bluetooth 5.0. But it is not supported by APTX so do expect a little latency.

And this is definitely not for gaming and though it is very lightweight and very comfortable to wear as you can see here, it’s just like I am not wearing anything.

And shaking your head around means that it will not fall off.

Battery Quality

As well in terms of battery life the Redmi Airdots can last for about four hours.

Well compared to what I have tested previously, like the studio top, this is definitely not the best in battery life, but for the price is exciting.

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