//In Just 7 Minutes, This Pet Grooming Glove DeSheds Fur Fast

In Just 7 Minutes, This Pet Grooming Glove DeSheds Fur Fast


Pet Grooming Gloves That Make Fluff
Look Absolutely Fabulous

For the Comfort and Pleasure of Your Pet

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Wouldn’t You Love This Fabulous Pet Grooming Glove?


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Hair De-Shedding While You “Pet” Your Pet.
Ah… Heavenly

With improved 255 silicone grooming tips, this grooming mitt mimics the stroke of your hand. This provides a relaxing and gentle patting effect, that your darling four-legged just loves. These slip-on, flexible pet grooming gloves let you to brush away all that moulting and loose hair.  Frrom dogs, cats, hamsters, and other appropriate pets.

Compatible with
Most Models of Pets  😉

Now, brush away moulting and loose hair from dogs, cats, hamsters, and other appropriate pets. This slip-on, flexible pet grooming glove lets you do that. What? even with your Alpaca? Yes, off course. (But not suitable for goldfish or guppies)(Also I doubt snakes and lizards would find comfort in these)

The Hair Stays With You

So why are these pet hair remover mittens simply perfect for all short, long and curly haired cats, dogs, horses, and other similar pets?  Because, now fur grooming becomes quick, gentle and effective. The shedded hair remains on the glove, making it a snap to peel off and ditch. (or you could save it and cast a loving spell on it… maybe)

A Bath Glove? What the…

Hey, you can even bathe your pets with this grooming glove. You are effectively cleaning the pet hair easily and giving your pet a gentle massage into the bargain. It doesn’t harm their skin, and they’ll keep coming back for more.  The five finger hand-glove design allows you to groom difficult-to-reach places, like the tail and all around the face. “Bath-Time, Fluff”

Gentle as a Raindrop

Be assured, these pet grooming gloves are entirely free of any elements which could risk skin damage to “precious”. Unlike many deshedding brush designs, the soft rubber dimples ensure gentle grooming and provide a reassuring massage. Say “toodleoo” to all painful fur removal or potential scratching of the skin.

Fits Like a…Well.. GLOVE

Naturally, one size fits all, but it has an adjustable wrist strap for a perfect, comfortable fit. But understand, it’s for pet grooming, not Neurosurgery.


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Fabulous Pet Grooming Gloves

Premium protection for your dog or cat

Pet & Groom All At Once


  • Have only the best quality time with your furry friend. Plus enjoy your clean house!
  • Get rid of hairballs before they appear, once and for all!
  • These Pet Grooming Gloves help you forget about the nightmare of shedding.
  • Unlike steel tools and brushes, the gloves are extremely gentle with your pets.
  • Your fur-babies only feel satisfaction and pleasure.
  • Gone is the  stressful fighting to untangle and knot comb out your pet.
  • You can achieve superb grooming results. And you’re just stroking your pet.
  • Your four-footer thinks it’s getting petted not groomed. The gloves gently emulate the stroke of your hand.
  • Regular glove-grooming eliminates nasty matts and knots. It removes loose undercoat too.
  • When your grooming session is over– just “peel off” the carpet of shed hair, and dispose.


  • Availability: Not Sold in Department Stores.
  • Delivery: Low Postage applies – direct to your door. Forget the car or Uber rates.
  • So a healthy contented pet, a clean house and a happier you. It’s winning temperaments all round.
  • Whether playful dogs or skittish cats, fluffy-tailed rabbits or graceful equestrians. And yes, even nanny goats; they all line up.
  • Your furry best friends will love this time together. They will eagerly look forward to it.
  • So now, enjoy only the most loving moments with your furry friend. And wind up with a clean house and clothing to boot!



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  • I Left-Hand or Right-Hand Pet Grooming Glove.
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5.0 out of 5 stars My Cats are Like Totally Zen

August 26, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase
We have four exquisite textured cat companions who live with us. Subsequent to supplanting all our rug with ground surface we saw significant hair balls coasting wherever like tumbleweeds through the house. Clearly we expected to up our prepping aptitudes.
The first occasion when we utilized it on our felines they weren’t certain about that “enormous hand” coming after them yet it just took once before they fired arranging and asking to be prepared. Inside two or three days the “tumbleweeds” had everything except vanished, and even the build up plate in our dryer was cleaner after each heap.
Notwithstanding the tidiness positives for this item our felines are more quiet and more joyful. I call it Xanax for felines. Indeed, even our fairly psychotic dark-striped cat has got more settled than she’s at any point been. This is an extraordinary prepping device and I exceptionally suggest these fabulous pet grooming gloves for any pet.
DMSN1220Top Contributor: Pets
5.0 out of 5 stars My cats love them

June 17, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase
The scourge of perusing reviews….some individuals love it, others detest it. Felines are fussy, and I don’t think these ought to get an awful survey since someones feline didn’t care for them. For what reason wouldn’t you be able to simply return them? I return a great deal of things and never any issue with eCommerce stores.
My felines LOVE these. 1 felines truly adores them, different likes them OK. Individuals gripe about the hair not falling off well. Wowsers, you need flawlessness in all things? Truly its somewhat precarious to get hair off however on the off chance that you do it right it strips off in just about 1 hand-formed piece (see pics) .
My 1 felines doesn’t care for the brush a lot however prefers these more since its like being petted. My other feline is a prostitute for these…I put one gloved hand by his face, which he rubs everywhere throughout the glove while I brush his body with the other. He gives me a chance to do it for up to 10 mins before he becomes weary of it, as most any feline will do in the end, if your arm holds out that long.
At the point when the hide you got over gets heaped up on the glove, pull up around the edges and strip it off. It for the most part dines’t all fall off in 1 piece except if you tired, which I accomplished for this pic. I would be glad to reply and q’s. I have had felines for my entire life.
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT for our older dogs

September 13, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase
First let me state that I NEVER compose item surveys, yet feel like I might truly want to keep in touch with one for these Pet Grooming Gloves. We have two bristly, senior, sister German Shepherd hounds. Loads of canine hair to be had – it appears that simply seeing them makes hair take off of them. Normal preparing with the Furminator expels a ton of hair yet the canines will just endure its utilization on their backs and sides, because of delicate ligament joints and summed up irritation from maturing.
In this way, I figured I would try this item out – and what a distinction ! While the fabulous pet grooming gloves don’t evacuate very as much as hair as the Furminator, there are other particular points of interest for their utilization. In the first place, they can be effectively utilized over the entire body – including legs, delicate midsection, tail, and even the head. All zones can really be kneaded, which the canines unmistakably appreciate. The pooches LOVE this.
Truth be told, when they see the pet grooming gloves they go into their cheerful move, upbeat face mode, while hip-looking at one another of the best approach to be preferred choice. Since utilizing the fabulous pet grooming gloves for some time now it appears that the nature of their jackets is in reality better – maybe an advantage of rubbing the skin and animating hair development (more hair?? – better hair). Their jackets are milder and increasingly polished.

Main concern: these pet grooming gloves have been totally extraordinary for my maturing bristly hounds, and unmistakably they will be my solitary preparing helper for the young ladies. What else is there to state? Perhaps try them out.


That one guy
5.0 out of 5 stars Removes hair like a champ! Puppy loves it since she is allowed on the bed now!

June 29, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase

I have a multi month old imposing puppy (Sasha) that just begun shedding. I have a furminator, yet shockingly she truly is unreasonably youthful for that and she despises being brushed, in any event, when brushed gently to abstain from contacting her skin.

These preparing pet grooming gloves are the ideal arrangement! My little dog would sit and give you a chance to scratch her throughout the day on the off chance that you had the opportunity! I can sit and wipe her down and ‘scratch/pet’ her with the pet grooming gloves on and she can’t get enough of it! It is a success win situation. It takes longer than a de-shedding brush like the furminator, however like I stated, it is quality time with my little guy! She is at last permitted back on the bed!

The fabulous pet grooming gloves are excessively simple to clean as well. I at first wrongly tried to pull the entirety of the hair off, which doesn’t function admirably since it is clearly intended to clutch the hair. Rather, rub the pet grooming gloves together like you are attempting to warm your hands and the hair will rapidly cluster and tumble off into the trashcan!

Effectively expels hair.
Incredible for little dogs.
Pup thinks I am petting her and adores the consideration – greater quality time!
Simple to clean

It takes somewhat longer than a brush, however on the other hand you do have two hands!


BacardiprincessTop Contributor: Pets
5.0 out of 5 stars Works great…

May 1, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase
These really worked incredible! I have 4 felines with every unique kind of hide… long hide and fleecy, short hide yet thick, short hide yet more slender, medium length hide. I scoured every one of them down that day and for the following week there wouldn’t be any hide drifting ceaselessly when we pet them. I understood you need to put more weight then most felines will like yet one of mine cherished it, another couldn’t have cared less in any case, and 2 were frightened (one is terrified of it’s own shadow so he doesn’t tally lol) One tip I can offer is to ensure you given the hide a chance to develop before attempting to get it out of the glove or else it’s difficult to get the hide out. When there is insignificant hide, I utilized a clingy tape build up roller and that worked extraordinary. I don’t comprehend giving an item 1 star if your feline fears the item… does it work or isn’t that right? Presently hide flies around when petting the creatures particularly in the event that they ward off attempting to walk, simply ensure you do it before you vacuum. At the cost and the reality it takes care of business… I’m giving it 5 stars ! I gave my set to my neighbor’s, I given them a chance to give the fabulous pet grooming gloves a shot on their medium measured, medium length hide pooch and they said she adored the pet grooming gloves and they worked extraordinary for them moreover. I am going to arrange another set straight at this point. Expectation that makes a difference. Truly that is all the hide I got off of them in the image… I advised my significant other not to toss his trash on top until I was done yet we realize how well men tune in.
eCommerce stores Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Cats reduced to happy, relaxed puddles of mush by these amazing gloves

August 15, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase

Gracious, wow! These pet grooming gloves are astounding. Having as of late embraced a multi year-old feline, we are currently a four feline family unit and our condo was getting goodness, so furry. Up until this point, three of our four felines have become hopelessly enamored with being prepped with these pet grooming gloves. At times, they express a little delay at first however start murmuring rapidly and afterward move into the touch, demonstrating that they appreciate the experience. Our most loving feline, Jasper, even turns thusly and that as though to ask that I stroke him everywhere.

Our felines are little to medium in size (the biggest is about 9.5 pounds and our little old woman feline is about 5.5 pounds). With the bigger young men, I stroke them utilizing a blend of the palm of my hand and the fingertips. With our fragile minimal old woman, I most simply utilize each or two fingers in turn with delicate weight.

When I’ve gotten a ton of hair with the fabulous pet grooming gloves, it’s anything but difficult to take the hair off and start once more.

I am planning to utilize these prepping pet grooming gloves to help our desirous young lady get increasingly alright with our new minimal old woman. I imagined that by moving fragrances to and fro, they would get increasingly OK with one another. Up until now, however, our envious young lady isn’t getting a charge out of the experience, so I figure I should take it actually gradually with her. In any case, I’ve just had the pet grooming gloves for two or three days, so I am not surrendering yet.

I’ve appended a photograph of our little old woman feline (since who needs to utilize a couple of furry elastic gloves?)


eCommerce stores Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars My puppy is 11 months old and sheds like crazy. The pet grooming gloves are perfect because my puppy …

July 29, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase
These pet grooming gloves work magic for my long-haired German Shepherd pup. My puppy is 12 months old and sheds like nothing else. The pet grooming gloves are perfect ’cause my pup does not like being brushed by those harsh brushes and tries to chew them. With these pet grooming gloves she doesn’t bother as much.


Truffle Shuffle
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant and more efficient alternative to a brush.

April 11, 2018

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase

I’ve been searching for an elective method to deal with my puppy’s shedding and everything I can say I wish I got these sooner. These pet grooming gloves appeared to be progressively helpful all around contrasted with the run of the mill brushing. For one the puppy likes it instead of the brush he attempted to keep away from at each session so I’m not sitting around any longer attempting to get him to come here and remain here, and so on.. Presently it’s swaying tails rather at seeing these pet grooming gloves. The procedure is a lot faster now too as the pet grooming gloves accumulate simpler, however I’d state at any rate twice if not significantly increase the measure of hair at once. Evidently these pet grooming gloves chip away at his disposition too as he generally winds up beginning a playfight snacking at the pet grooming gloves. That is the main interruption truly, and not one I’ll ever whine about.

Given a portion of the surveys here I can’t resist the urge to think about how some capacity every day. You needn’t bother with a vacuum cleaner to get the hair out would you say you are messing with me? Lol Basicand evident ways work fine and dandy, such as selecting, in the event that you hold up till you have a pleasant thick coat accumulated, at that point the hair will wrap up and appear to be a layer you can strip off as one piece. On the off chance that utilizing the two pet grooming gloves rub your palms together it will begin rolling the hair in a pack. You can likewise utilize a brush or like lift the hair from between the fibers in the event that you like. Ad lib individuals ad lib.

I’m simply bewildered here, I truly don’t get the rationale behind the grumblings that they don’t turn out effectively, that is really something to be thankful for… on the off chance that they would that would likewise mean they wouldn’t adhere to the pet grooming gloves in any case either and you’d simply wind up spreading the hair around. By all mean if it’s that quite a bit of an issue you ought to feel free to buy nonexclusive level pet grooming gloves at that point, that will work so well for you that you won’t have any hair to haul out whatsoever. Great stuff ain’t it?


5.0 out of 5 stars A true life savior if you have a cat!

March 31, 2017

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase

I have two felines, attempted a deshedder brush however they abhor it and conceal the subsequent I take it out, so I was searching for different alternatives and saw these pet grooming gloves – it ended up being a real existence changer! Amazingly felines completely love it! They even murmur and move around to ensure I didn’t miss a spot.

The layer of hide is anything but difficult to strip off from the glove (see the transferred photograph), and the more you gather the simpler it gets.

Presently I am ready to bru­sh my felines each oth­er day, since they appreciate it so much, which implies less hide on my garments and everywh­ere else. Very happy with this item and would prescribe it to feline proprietors!


J. S.Top Contributor: Pets
5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use, removes tons of hair, and cats enjoy the grooming process more than using hard brushes and combs

January 18, 2018

Pattern: 1 Pair (Blue) – Upgrade Version Verified Purchase
I have attempted various brushes, brushes, and different apparatuses to help with controlling the shedding of our creatures. The furminator has been my most loved for a long while now. It works amazingly well at getting the thick undercoat of our feline. I use it all the time on her.
The principle issue with the furminator is she HATES her stomach brushed, and it has a little issue over hard prominences. I bring these focuses up in light of the fact that these pet grooming gloves help to explain that issue. Utilizing these pet grooming gloves enables the client to hold the feline while brushing her simultaneously, no shuffling the brush from hand to hand as you attempt to keep the feline set up.
I can pet her stomach while expelling free hide simultaneously. Additionally, you can chip away at evacuating hide on the head, over the hips, on the legs, and sliding the tails through your hands all without harming you pet. They are rubber treated and cause a static charge which truly expels and clutch the hide. You can go with the grain and contrary to what would be expected without damage. You can slacken tangles better without hauling the hair out.
At the point when you are altogether completed they are extremely simple to clean. The majority of the hair will lift directly off of the pet grooming gloves in wads, yet for the remainder of the hair that didn’t lift off effectively I had the option to simply run them under some water from the sink which thumps the remainder of the hair directly off. On the off chance that you do run the under the spigot in the kitchen sink, at that point I would profoundly recommend you utilize one of the work strainers you can place in the opening of the channel to get the hair before going down the channel. This will simply shield your channels from hairballs/stops up.
I would particularly utilize one on the off chance that you are on the trash transfer. It very well may be somewhat harder to evacuate wads of hair that get tangled in the edges. At the point when you are finished washing them off in the water, I simply let them air dry to counteract harming them in a garments dryer. I am dazzled with the that it is so natural to utilize these, how much hair they truly evacuate, that they are so natural to clean, and the reality my feline really appreciates me petting her while I expel free hide simultaneously. We just have two felines, however these will work similarly too on your pooches, or some other family unit pet that sheds and gets hair all over your home.

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