//How These Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles Could Accidentally Melt Away 15 Pounds

How These Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles Could Accidentally Melt Away 15 Pounds

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Awesome Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles
How Can Something so “Nuts” Really Work for Your Well-Being?

Now “The Gospel” on Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles

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Is this the Natural and Effortless way to walk? Can this product really turn all footwear into massage footwear?

Centuries Old Natural Science Relief

These Magnetic Insoles Acupressure Foot Massage may well be a game-changer in your life. Discover this centuries – old natural science of acupressure. Now marvel at the difference it can make in you life. What that means to you is, you feel better, you have more energy, where aches and pains in the lower part of your body go away.

Feel Great Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles 

This product right here, the Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles, is designed to make you feel better than you have in years. What it does it stimulates all the nerves in your feet and stimulates blood circulation. It can restore the proper functionality to the lower part of your body.

Feel Better All Over

We’ve all heard of pressure point therapy. Well these Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles was designed specifically for that – pressure point therapy on your feet. It’s been clinically proven to reduce swelling, to improve your mood, and to make you feel better all over.

Rejuvenates Your System

The reasons why of course are we know that when your feet hurt it hurts all over. If you reverse that hurt, you’re going to feel better. Simple. You put these maybe for only 15 minutes to start with, and you work your way up to a whole day and it rejuvenates your system.

A Charming Story

One Japanese man had been on his deathbed. He learned about these two ancient techniques from a doctor friend of his, who put him on it and he tried it out on his feet. He recovered a hundred percent and then he went to work. It took him about three years to figure out how to put these ancient healing techniques into a product and here we have these Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles.

Reflexology in Your Time

Reflexology is the bodily act of applying pressure to feet and hands with specific finger, thumb and hand techniques, free of the use of lotion or oils. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas. Those regions reflect an image of the part of the body on the feet and hands.  The promise is that such work affects a physical change to the body.

Many Wide & Varied Complaints

This ancient therapy within the Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles is known to encourage the body’s own healing influences. It’s suitable for any gender and age groups from babies to seniors. Reflexology is more than a foot massage it’s a natural healing treatment highly effective in dealing with many wide and varied complaints. Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles has been praised as being highly effective from phobias and anxiety to metabolism control and permanent weight loss.

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Want Better Health Now?
Here’s How You Could Safely Lose Weight
Magnetic Acupressure Massage Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles

Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles


  • It massages Your Feet just by you walking around
  • It may improve blood circulation and overall body balance, automatically
  • Many claim it alters your entire body metabolism to correct weight issues, automatically
  • It is said to reduce muscular aches and pains bodywide
  • Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles eliminates foot odors
  • It turns all footwear into massage footwear
  • They may be capable of relieving back and foot discomfort and even strengthen muscles
  • They can improve blood flow & circulation and even flush toxins from your body, naturally


  • Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles are ventilated to be cool and dry
  • Thes insoles stimulate the pressure points on the soles of your feet
  • Many claim energy and vitality is significantly increased
  • These Magneticic insoles may make up for lack of exercise
  • The Magneticic Insoles Acupressure Foot Massager can boost your stamina and endurance
  • They are said to reduce stress and anxiety and boost energy and fitness, in an instant


  • It works in harmony with your energy channels called meridian lines, creating mind and brain equilibrium
  • They stimulate both your foot acupressure points (reflexology) and act upon your main chakras (energy stations)
  • Foot reflexology believes every vital organ in your entire body terminates in an acupuncture point on the soles of your feet
  • These can be activated to provide degrees of relief to aliments, even decades old, quickly, easily and thoroughly



  • Long standing problems may require a good couple of months of constant wear. Be patient. Be persistent
  • These are a remedial therapy. Do not expect “walk-on-cloud” comfort. If they feel a lot like treading on river pebbles, that’s how they work
  • Understand, these offer the effects of deep tissue massage. Consider “it hurts so good”
  • If they make your soles tender, use less often, or wear thick or multiple socks. They must function through pressure on sole points
  • Within the Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles, if the Magnetics pop out, a dot of nail polish will stick them in place nicely
  • You may experience random minor body aches as your muscles are “manipulated”
  • Falling asleep may be postponed a little as your body and brain is more “energized” than usual
  • Visiting the loo may be more frequent as your body releases more toxins


Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles

  • They can be trimmed to perfectly to fit all shoe sizes
  • There are 400 total acupressure pebbles on each insole. That’s massive
  • 12 large pebbles are provided for support of your foot’s arch
  • 120 medium pebbles are provided for general foot massage and wellness
  • 270 mini pebbles are provided for general circulation
  • There are 5 – 8 low intensity Magnets to enhance body’s innate Magneticic field


  • A pair of Magneticic Silicone Acupressure insoles

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How These Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles Could Accidentally Melt Away 15 Pounds 20

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Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles


Khizer Malani
5.0 out of 5 stars Gets the job done!

May 18, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase
If you insert the Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insole into your everyday slip on shoes, this product is great. As long as the positioning is right, it does massage the pressure points, so be sure to do that. I wear them daily. It’s a thin design which is good when you’re inserting into a slim fit shoe. I do feel that if there was more of a gel in sole it’d be a bit of a cushion to walk on. The overall proof is it does what it’s supposed to do.
5.0 out of 5 stars It provides deep Comfort and healing to feet.

March 6, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase
Fast product delivery by the seller. I used this product for two days now and it provides deep comfort & healing To my feet. Highly Recommeded A+
5.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable for working out

May 7, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase
used for about 2 hours a day for working out, helps with comfort when you’re on feet for long. soles aren’t too thick so it fits well in my sneakers.
R. Black
5.0 out of 5 stars Happy with results

July 26, 2019

Size: male Verified Purchase
I really put these to the test. I put them in my most uncomfortable shoes and worked multiple 12+ hour shifts. Normally after a shift in those shoes my feet hurt but with these Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoless I was pain free. It takes a day or two for your feet to get used to but once they are broken in they feel good.
5.0 out of 5 stars Make shoes more comfortable.

May 23, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase

I selected this product thinking it’d be a shoe insert, with the potential for added benefits. It serves its purpose as an insert that makes my shoes more comfortable. I did not see any specific health benefits myself, however there were no specific problems I was hoping to address.

Do read the instructions, because these are not recommended for all day use. I agree with that suggestion.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic & Five Stars..:-)

June 6, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase

What an Awesome & Amazing Premium Quality Magneticic Insole…Must Essential for Every Shoe..!!

Best Ever Insole to Relieve Foot Pain..They fit into my shoes exactly to keep feet Cool & relax the muscles..My Foot problems from standing all day have gone off..These Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles offer much much better support than the insoles that normally comes with the new shoes..!!

Great Value & Steal for the Price..Definitely Worth the buy..For Sure Exceeded my Expectations..!!

Features: Lightweight – Durable – Comfort – Quality

As far as My Shoes & Insoles go, this is one of the Best Purchase I’ve made in recent times & Highly recommend this Acupressure Magneticic Insole and the Seller .. 100% Class..:-)

Sameera 🙂

April 11, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase
It’s comfortable and good quality. It’s not thick like other soles which is good and bad. I have one thick sole which is okay for my running shoes, but these Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles being thin are perfect for my daily sandles/shoes. So far no complains 👍🏼
5.0 out of 5 stars Fits every shoe

June 11, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase
I was amazed at how much these have helped my feet. I like that they are thin and able to fit in all of my shoes. They are a perfect fit and I did not have to cut them however they can be cut and there is a guild on them to help you cut them right. The little bumps help increase blood circulation and I live how I am able to feel the acupressure part of the Magnetic Acupressure Massage Insoles. I thought my feet might get sweaty because for the material they are made out of but that has not been a problem at all.
5.0 out of 5 stars massages your feet!

August 30, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase

i am a medical scribe and used these for a 7 hr shift last night. My feet are a size 5.5, so these were a little too big and the placement of the Magnetics was a bit off. I think this limited my experience with the product. However, i want to say that for the first hour or so, it was kind of painful?? but once my feet got used to it, it felt like i was getting massaged whenever i was walking around!! so it was actually really nice!! i really think it did lessen the amount of pain my feet would have endured without them. i would recommend!

there’s also rly nice little lines on the top so you can cut it to your shoe size, which i loved!

5.0 out of 5 stars So far so good

July 9, 2019

Size: female Verified Purchase
Got these as a gift for the GF. She was able to trim them down to fit a size 8 shoe just fine. She has been wearing them for a few days and says that while at first they were uncomfortable they are are getting better. Just dont throw them in right before work, get used to them first.


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