Suction Cup Cat Phone Holder. They Love Holding Up Your Smart Phone...

But They Cry for Attention, a Cuddle, or Maybe Just to Sit on Your Lap

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Suction Cup Cat Phone Holder

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Hey now. Share these crazy critters with 6 of you best friends and have a different cat phone holder for each person. Hey. They think if they can suck up to your phone...they can suck up to you :roll:

Your Suction Cup Cat Phone Holder is Inexpensive Security Really.

Produce with an extra strong suction cup attached to the cat, you can rest assured they can hold the phone without risk of it slipping,  falling or being knocked off the table top inadvertently.

Sophisticated Cats Suck Up to Your Phone

So your adorably cute cats boast of being of  PVC environmentally friendly material, they have a texture all their own, are individually hand colored, and while being a real conversation starter, they will tell you they're really quite sophisticated.

Personality Cats, If you Don't Mind

Although they may have to gang up into small "catteries" they can be most applicable to all cell phones, Kindle readers, tablets and iPads. Believe it or not their colorins give them a different personality suitable for different occasions. 


At No 6, With a Bullet - Suction Cup Cat Phone Holder

I just know, in my heart of hearts, these gorgeous felines will be a sensational hit. So if our cat phone stands aren't a huge smash success at the office or at home, or your hang-gliding club, let me know!

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Suction Cup Cat Phone Holder